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My Background

I have been a fan of Toyota 4Runners for over 20 years.  They have been our company vehicle for nearly that same amount of time.  I would like to find a low mileage 4Runner for my personal use.

My Favorite Cars

I'm am looking for a 2008/09 version 4Runner but will consider older ones that are still in the 2003-2009 model version as long as they are low mileage with maintenance records.

What am I looking for in a 4Runner

I have no trouble paying up for a great 4Runner.  Maintenance records; especially oil changes are required.  I will pay the following:


~  Less than 30,000 miles; $23,000

~  Less than 40,000 miles; $21,500

~  Less than 50,000 miles; $18,000

2006 or 2007; subtract $3,000 from each price.

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I will buy your Toyota Runner for CASH!!!

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